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12 Causes of Migraine Headaches

Medically speaking, there are different types of headaches. There are the hypnic headaches, exertional headaches, cluster headaches, tension headaches, migraine headaches, medication-overuse headaches and so on. Of all these headaches, the migraine headache is one of the dangerous and chronic primary headaches that come with acute pain and visual disturbance. Have you had a headache (or currently battling with one) where you feel an intense and pulsating pain on one side of your face? This kind of headache makes you feel you are being hammered on one part of your face and you are about to lose it. It is a medical condition caused by different factors such as:

Emotional Triggers

Emotional triggers are the most common causes of migraine headaches. It can be stress, shock, excitement, anxiety, worry, tension, nervousness, etc. When all these emotions mentioned are bottled up, they increase muscle tension and result in a widened blood vessels which will only make the migraine worse. When you are experiencing an extremely horrible day, do not be surprised that what tops it up is a migraine headache. Try to identify the kind of stressful situation or event that triggers your migraine headache, then take steps to manage or avoid them. [1]