Tension Headache – Symptoms & Causes

Tension headache is the most common form of headache that many people often experience. This condition would trigger painful sensations, ranging from mild to intense, around the neck, head, and eyes. In many cases, you might suffer from episodic attacks which happen several times during the month. If left untreated, it would even become chronic. Women tend to be at higher risks of developing tension headaches than men. Read on to learn more about some common symptoms and causes of this health issue.

15 Symptoms of Tension Headaches

Dull Head Pain

The most typical sign of a tension headache is the dull pain in your head. It is quite similar to having a tight band around this part of the body. Many people often report the pain as aching, pressing, or even throbbing in more severe cases. In kids, it would be challenging to tell the differences between a migraine and a tension headache. But with some questions, parents can easily find out the presence of this condition. To get temporary relief, some OTC or prescription medications can be taken. However, it is important to determine the triggers to prevent future attacks. [1]


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