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10 Common Angina Symptoms

Angina is one of the most symptoms of heart disease rather than an illness itself. In most cases, it indicates coronary heart disease as the result of narrowing of one or more coronary arteries. While there are many treatments to alleviate and treat this condition, the key is to find out the symptoms quickly for immediate medical attention. However, it is not easy to identify angina because it might be easily mistaken with other conditions. To help you make an informed decision, this post will show you the top 10 angina symptoms to watch out for.

Chest pain

The most common symptom when you are suffering from angina is discomfort or pain in chest areas. This is caused when your heart muscles don’t get sufficient oxygen-rich blood to work. [1] Unlike chest pain in other conditions, you know it would be angina when the pain:

– Feel heavy, dull, and tight – though some patients, especially women, might have stabbing and sharp pain
– Spread to your back, jaw, neck or left arm
– Is triggered by stress or physical exertion
– Stop within a couple of minutes after resting