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10 Common Angina Treatments

Angina is a common sign of coronary heart ailment or other heart conditions. It often happens when your heart muscles don’t get sufficient blood to work. Though this condition is usually marked by discomfort in your chest, the pain would also affect other parts such as back, jaw, neck, arms, or shoulders.

Because an increase in the level of severity could indicate a serious heart attack or worsening health, it is essential to notify your healthcare provider and get proper medical attention. Here are the top 10 angina treatments that your doctor might recommend.


Nitrate is one of the most common treatments for angina condition. This drug helps widen and relax your blood vessels, both veins, and arteries. This helps to reduce stress on the muscles of your heart and allow more blood to reach these areas. Basically, there are two forms of nitrates. Nitrate spray or glyceryl trinitrate will deliver a specific dose under your tongue, thus giving immediate effects. Nitrate tablets can be absorbed into your blood via the lining of the mouth. While this is an effective method, it can also cause some side effects such as palpitations, flushing, low blood pressure, or headache[1]