10 High Blood Pressure Causes

High Blood Pressure is a condition that can go unnoticed for many years. Although the real cause of high blood pressure is not known, it usually occurs when of the force with which the heart pumps blood becomes high and when there is resistance to blood flow. If it is not managed well, it will eventually lead to heart problems. In a bid to ensure healthy living, one of the things you should be conscious of is blood pressure.

You should check your blood pressure as regularly as you can, so you can effectively combat any problem that you notice. In regulating blood pressure, you also have to be aware of the causes of high blood pressure, and you should do everything possible to avoid some of these causes. Some of the causes of high blood pressure are discussed below.

1Excessive Consumption of Alcohol

There are different ways to define excessive alcohol drinking, but in general, taking more than one drink in a day as a woman, and taking more than two drinks in a day as a man can affect your blood pressure. Excessive alcohol doesn’t affect only the heart; it can also affect the liver and some other vital organs, so you have enough reasons to stop excessive alcohol intake. If you must drink alcohol, make sure you drink with moderation; one drink is sufficient for a woman in a day, and a man can take two drinks in a day. [1]


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