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High Blood Pressure Symptoms & Cautions

High blood pressure (hypertension) is called the silent killer because it is possible for people who have it not to notice any symptom until it becomes life-threatening. However, there is a level that the blood pressure will get to and some symptoms will begin to manifest. Once blood pressure gets to 180/120, it becomes deadly, and some signs will show. Some of the symptoms you might notice if you have high blood pressure are discussed below.

Eye Problems

High blood pressure can silently damage the body continuously if not noticed and treated. If you have hypertension for a long time without addressing it, you may suffer damage to the vessels supplying blood to the retina; this can lead to blurred vision or even a complete loss of vision. High blood pressure can also cause blood flow to the eye to be blocked, thereby damaging the optic nerve.[1] You can also experience distorted vision as a result of fluid buildup under the retina. It is usually good if high blood pressure is diagnosed very early to prevent damages to the body system. [2]