Ischemic Heart Disease – Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

Ischemic heart disease, also known as coronary heart disease, occurs when the coronary arteries are too narrow. These blood vessels play a key role in transporting blood and oxygen to the heart. This health condition often happens when cholesterol accumulates and creates plaques on the artery walls, thus reducing blood flow. It is one of the most common types of heart disease in the world. Read on to learn more information about ischemic heart disease.

14 Symptoms of Ischemic Heart Disease

Chest Pain

Chest pain is the earliest and most common symptom of ischemic heart disease. It can be described as an unexplained or strange painful sensation around your chest area. Different people can have various feelings. These include fullness, squeezing, numbness, aching, burning, pressure, heaviness, or tightness. The symptom can spread to other body parts like the left arm, left shoulder, back, jaw, and neck because they have the same nerve pathways. Chest pain can become worse during physical activities, extremely emotional states, or heavy meals. As soon as you notice this sign, make sure to contact your doctor for immediate medical attention. [1]


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