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What Is a Normal Heart Rate (Pulse)?

The heart rate is an important indicator of health in our body. Measured by the number of times that the heart beats or contracts in each minute, it can tell a lot of things about your health. Though a normal rate does not necessarily mean that you are free of issues, an unusual rate can indicate some underlying problems. Read on to learn more about this important measurement.

What Is The Heart Rate?

The heart rate is basically the number of times your heart beats in one minute. During this process, blood containing nutrients and oxygen is transported around the body. In healthy people, the heart should provide other parts with the right blood flow at a suitable rate. A direct way to measure a heart rate is to take the pulse, which is the number of times the arteries contract and expand in each minute. By knowing your heart rate, you can have a lot of information about your health condition, medical issues, and emotional states. [1]