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6 Sleep Tips for People with Migraine

Migraines is a type of headache characterized by pulsing or throbbing pain. You tend to feel the sensation on one side of the head. Other symptoms may also occur, such as weakness, nausea,, or sensitive to sound and light. People with migraine tend to be more susceptible to sleep issues, in comparison with the general public. Below are 6 useful sleep tips to help you live with migraines.

Try Relaxation Techniques

Some relaxation techniques may help people with migraine improve their sleep. These include biofeedback, meditation, deep breathing, or yoga. In general, they help calm your mind and make you feel more mindful, which has been shown to reduce headaches. Practicing certain yoga poses before the bedtime may help quiet your active mind and manage symptoms of migraines better. A special type of guided meditation called yoga nidra is especially effective. [1]