6 Sleep Tips for People with Migraine

2Create a Suitable Sleeping Space

It is important to make your bedroom suitable for sleeping. Take a look to see what you can improve. Below are some useful tips:

– Install blackout shades or curtains to block out any light from outside or other room and make the space dark enough for sleeping

– Your bedroom should not be too cold or too hot, the ideal temperature should be anywhere between 15 and 19 Celsius degrees (60 to 70 Fahrenheit degrees)

– Are the pillows, mattress, and blankets supportive and comfortable enough? Consider purchasing a new mattress if it is older than 10 years

– Prevent any possible noises that may disrupt your sleep

– If your pets often disturb your sleep at night, consider finding another area for them rather than in the bedroom

– Decorate your room based on your personal preferences to make it more inviting and attractive for sleep [2]

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