How to Perform CPR – Guidelines, Procedure, And Ratio

1What is CPR?

CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It is a lifesaving technique done to ensure that oxygen and blood can still flow through the body when a patient’s breathing and heart have stopped. According to many studies, this method can increase the survival chances in people with cardiac arrest, a type of heart attack that happens when blood flow is blocked to the heart. The main objective of CPR is to keep people stay alive until medical services arrive. The specific techniques for CPR can vary, depending on the age of the patients. [1]

Types of CPR

There are two main types of CPR:

– CPR with breaths: In this type, you use mouth-to-mouth breaths to ensure a normal blood and oxygen flow throughout the body. More importantly, it provides the patients with enough oxygen in dangerous moments before medical services arrive. This technique is suitable for infants, teenagers, and adults with cardiac arrest.

– Hands-only CPR: Instead of mouth-to-mouth breathes, this technique involves the pushing of both hands on the chest in quick movements called chest compressions. If you have no official training for CPR, it is better to apply hands-only CPR. This type is also more suitable for those who do not feel comfortable when doing CPR with their breaths. [2]


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