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Postmenopause – Signs & Symptoms

Postmenopause is the phase of life right after menopause occurs. It is often in the middle ages of women when their bodies stop ovulating and menstrual cycles due to hormonal changes. This leads to many health issues both in the short term and long term, such as vaginal dryness, depression, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis. Below are some typical signs and symptoms of postmenopause to help you notice the condition.

Irregular Periods

The most typical sign of both menopause and postmenopause is the irregularity in your periods. They tend to last more or fewer days than before. Also, you might have less or more periods with a lighter or heavier flow. All of these effects will depend on age, health condition, and many other factors that determine the levels of hormones. As a result, fertility can be unpredictable. You should bring feminine products at all times to prevent some unexpected incidents. [1]