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8 Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs

Amphetamine and Methylphenidate

Amphetamine, also known as speed, is a central nervous system stimulant. This medication is often prescribed for treating narcolepsy and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Many products that include amphetamine are usually misused due to its energizing effects. Those people who work intensely or are sleep-deprived, such as students with tight deadlines, shift workers, or truck drivers. Other effects of amphetamine that may contribute to the misuse include rapid breathing, increased blood pressure, higher body temperature, and boosted alertness and energy. [1]

Similar to amphetamine, methylphenidate is a type of stimulant that may affect the central nervous system. It is usually sold under the brand name Ritalin for treating narcolepsy and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This medication works by boosting dopamine levels in the brain, which increases attention. Due to the stimulating effects, it is often abused for other purposes. Studies have shown that methylphenidate misuse would result in difficulty sleeping or agitation in the long run. Therefore, it is better to take it as directed by your doctor. [2]