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Tecentriq: Uses, Dosage, Side Effects & More

What Is Tecentriq?

Tecentriq belongs to the class of immunotherapy medications. It works by activating the immune system to fight off cancerous cells. The active ingredient in this medication is atezolizumab, which is made from living cells. Currently, Tecentriq is only available in the brand-name product. There is no biosimilar form or generic drug. It is available in the solution form, which should be injected intravenously. With an IV infusion, Tecentriq can be injected into the vein during a period of time. [1]

How Does Tecentriq Work?

The active ingredient atezolizumab in Tecentriq is a biologic drug. It is a type of antibody made from parts of the living cells. This component works by targeting specific cells in the immune system and cancerous cells. In people with cancer, some parts of the immune system do not work and cannot get rid of cancerous cells. Tecentriq can reactive the immune response in the body by inhibiting the development of cancerous cells and improving the immune system’s capability to eliminate cancerous cells. [2]