15 Headache Remedies You Need to be Aware of

People suffer headaches from time to time. This medical condition stems from different reasons. A headache could be as a result of an underlying disease, stress, lack of sleep or even a long-lasting hunger. Headaches have recurrent nature depending on how stressful your day-to-day activities are. Hence, it is vital to know some remedies that can help subside headache pains anytime they occur.

Below are 15 headache remedies:

1Adequate Sleep

When it comes to curing headaches, sleeping is very much effective especially headaches which developed from lack of sleep. Sleep then increases the body’s pain threshold and makes it immune to headaches. The right amount of sleep will calm down the overactivity of the blood vessels, muscles and nerves of the head and neck. It is, however, essential to know that the right amount of sleep is very important, as researches show that that oversleeping can also result in an increase in head pains. Excess sleep or oversleeping affects the brain’s neurotransmitters and serotonin levels. [1]


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