Post-Concussion Syndrome – Symptoms and Causes

Post-concussion syndrome is a condition characterized by lingering symptoms after a traumatic brain injury or concussion. It can be often diagnosed when those who have recently had a head injury keep feeling several problems after the concussion. These might include headaches, fatigue, and dizziness. They can start to happen within several days. In some cases, nevertheless, it might take weeks. Below are some common symptoms and causes of post-concussion syndrome you need to know.

15 Symptoms of Post-Concussion Syndrome


Headaches are one of the most common symptoms in people with post-concussion syndrome. Indeed, it occurs in almost 90 percent of the reported cases. Depending on the exact cause, the pain can persist from a few weeks up to a few months, or even the whole year. The risk of chronic headaches or migraines can be higher in people with a family history of associated conditions or those who have many head injuries in the past. Some home remedies or OTC medications can help relieve headaches, but the effects tend to be temporary. [1]


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