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Hepatitis C Causes – People Need to Know

Hepatitis C is a type of viral infection that leads to liver inflammation or damage. It is caused when the virus penetrates the body in different ways, mostly contaminated blood. With medicinal advancements, people with this condition can be treated effectively with oral medications and frequent injections. Even chronic cases are curable in several months. A screening blood test can be effective in diagnosing this infection. In the next sections, we will show some main causes of hepatitis C that people need to know.

Sexual Contact

Hepatitis C virus would spread via sexual contact. However, this is not a common cause thanks to the use of condoms and other protective measures. Unlike HBV (hepatitis B virus), HCV is not present with significant amounts in vaginal fluids and semen. The risk of suffering from this condition is especially high in those people with multiple sexual partners, HIV/AIDS, or STDs. Also, blood contact during sexual intercourses would also allow the virus to spread easily. For these reasons, it is important to practice safe sex by wearing condoms and having trusted partners. [1]