What Are the Types and Levels of Autism?

15 Types of Autism

Asperger’s Syndrome and Kanner’s Syndrome

Asperger’s syndrome is a mild type of autism. Those people with this condition tend to have high-functioning intelligence without speech delays. Typical signs may include:

– Difficulty reading social cues, body language, or facial expression

– Problems with social interaction

– Repetitive activities and behaviors

– Lack of eye contact

– Awkward body language or behaviors

– Inability to understand humor, metaphor, or irony

Other possible signs include poor handwriting, clumsiness, and no special interests or hobbies. All of these problems make it difficult for people with Asperger’s syndrome to make friendships or communicate with others. [1]

Kanner’s syndrome, also known as autistic disorder, is a more severe form of autism. Symptoms tend to occur very early, including repetitive behaviors, communication issues, problems with social interaction, tantrums, as well as eating and sleeping disorders. People with this form may prefer playing alone and have trouble interacting with other people. However, they may appear clever, attentive, and smart. A lot of support and assistance may be needed. [2]


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