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Generalized Anxiety Disorder Natural Remedies & Medications

Natural Remedies for Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is also known as psychological counseling or talk therapy. It is the most effective type of psychotherapy for treating generalized anxiety disorder. During this procedure, a therapist will show you how to learn several coping strategies to manage symptoms of anxiety and return to daily activities. You will directly face your anxiety or negative thoughts and try to overcome them. In most cases, you need to visit the therapist at least one time per week for a few months until the condition improves. [1]

Guided Self-Help

If you have a generalized anxiety disorder, your healthcare provider would recommend trying a guided self-help service to deal with the symptoms. In this treatment, you will work through a cognitive-behavioral therapy-based computer course or workbook yourself. A therapist will help you through this process to develop coping skills for the condition. In some cases, you may participate in a group in which you can learn and discuss with other people the same issues. If this option does not work, you may need to seek medical treatments or more intensive therapies. [2]