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13 Symptoms & Signs of Bipolar Disorder

When it comes to bipolar disorder, the first symptom that pops up in mind is mood swings. Patients with bipolar experience increased euphoria and happiness, and, next, by a deep depression, which is not always instant.

There are several other symptoms associated with bipolar in addition to the commonly known mood swings. Most times, these symptoms may conflict with one another. Further, bipolar disorder symptoms are characterized into two types, which are manic symptoms and depressive symptoms. Both classes of this disorder signs result in different kinds of behaviors. Each symptom may lead to minimal or severe effect, which depends on the patients. The symptom duration, types, and severity of the symptom helps during the patient’s diagnosis.

Here’s a list of the symptoms of bipolar and the class they belong to for better understanding:

Mood swings | Depressive & Manic

The most common bipolar symptom is extreme mood swings. This symptom combines both depressive and manic symptoms. Mood swings are characterized by increasing levels of depression followed by an increased level of positivity, or vice versa.

Life is all about trough and crest, so it’s entirely reasonable to feel angry or sad at certain points in life. But, this is different for a bipolar disorder patient, both ups and downs are extremely high and low. [1]