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Mood Disorder Symptoms

Affective disorders or mood disorders refer to a group of psychiatric conditions. These include anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, and depression. Each of them includes many subtypes as well as variations in severity and symptoms. As these are mental issues, a psychiatric evaluation is required by mental health professionals or psychiatrists for precise diagnoses. Mood disorders could be disruptive to your daily lives. However, you would treat them effectively by detecting early with the following symptoms.

Constant Feelings of Emptiness

People with mood disorder tend to have a constant feeling of emptiness and sadness. This symptom often lasts every day for at least two consecutive weeks. As a result, many parts of your daily life might be disrupted, such as basic self-care, social life, school, and work. It might occur for no obvious reasons or be caused by some major life events, such as financial troubles or losing a family member. Try writing down your feeling in a personal diary to keep track of your mental conditions. Early detections are the key to effective treatments. [1]