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Common Facts about Paleo Vegetarian


If you’re following a paleo diet, you probably eat meat and eggs plus several other natural foods. You wouldn’t take sugar, processed foods, vegetable oils and other modern developed food items. You’re likely an evolutionary man now, tapping into the nutritional ways of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Many people would rather 27consider it okay to be a paleolithic feeder considering the tremendous health benefits that have been accrued to it. But when it comes to the idea of a paleo vegetarian, most people raise an eyebrow. It seems quite absurd and impossible to be a paleo vegetarian, especially if you consider the fact that a vegetarian diet abhors everything about meat while a paleo diet is almost inseparable from an animal-based diet. But you can be a vegetarian and still crave the health points that Paleo dieting can offer. How is this possible, by the way? [1]