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Cataract Causes & Treatments

Many cases of blindness around the world are caused by cataracts. In fact, more than half of people around the world experience this condition when they are over 80 years old. A cataract would impair vision and lead to a cloudy lens, which might block the usual light passage to your retina. The issue would occur in a single or both eyes, but it cannot spread. Read on to learn more about the causes and treatment options for cataracts.

6 Causes of Cataracts


Aging is a major risk factor for cataracts. While other causes can be prevented, cataracts caused by aging cannot be. In fact, up to 70% of people at the age of 75 might experience this health issue. This is because your eyes will become less flexible and more susceptible to the buildup of protein, which eventually causes cataracts. Also, the lenses of your eye might get thicker, making them much less transparent over time. To minimize the risk, it is better to have regular eye checks. [1]