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Glaucoma Causes & Risk Factors

Glaucoma is an eye condition that would affect the optic nerve, which transmits visual signals from the eyes to the brain. In many cases, it is the result of unusually high pressure in the eyes. Over time, it would erode and damage tissues in the optic nerve, thus leading to vision loss or blindness. If diagnosed early, it is possible to reduce the symptoms and improve the success of treatments. In this article, we will show you common causes and risk factors for glaucoma.

Eye Conditions

Certain eye conditions would increase the risk of developing glaucoma. This is also known as secondary glaucoma. Possible causes include a serious eye injury, eye inflammation, an eye tumor, as well as cataract. In general, when these conditions cause chronic inflammation in the eyes and lead to thin corneas, they would increase pressure inside the eyes. That’s is the main reason for the occurrence of glaucoma. To reduce the risk, you should have eye exams on a regular basis to detect any abnormal issues early.[1]