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10 Health Benefits of Pilates

Originally introduced by Joseph Pilates, Pilates has been increasingly becoming a popular workout program. It focuses on stretching and strengthening many major muscles in the body by combining elements of different activities. These include physical therapy, yoga, and gymnastics. The goal is to create a well-rounded workout. You can choose to perform these exercises on a machine or a mat. To help you understand more about this form of exercise, below are 10 health benefits of Pilates.

Weight Loss

Practicing Pilates on a regular basis can promote weight loss and bring a lean, long look for your body. These exercises would support beautiful posture, balance musculature, improve muscle tone, as well as teach you how to move with grace and ease. All of these factors would contribute to a fit and slim body. Compared to other methods, Pilates can burn more calories and help reduce belly fat. When combined with some aerobic activities, Pilates could be a prime tool for body toning and weight loss. [1]