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10 Eye Care Warning Signs You Should Be Aware of


The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that around 21 million Americans have problems related to their sight, of which most are age-related. [1] What’s more, a large percentage of these people have not realized it yet, and might not until the problem had degenerated into something relatively more complicated. Some eye diseases may come off as mild and quite easy to manage, for example, myopia (shortsightedness), but a lot of eye conditions might leave one blind if left untreated (for example, glaucoma and cataract). This is the reason why experts suggest a comprehensive eye test for every adult.[2]

It is important to understand that you should book an appointment with your doctor before an eye condition develops into a life-threatening problem. So, how can you tell if you should see a doctor? There are a number of warning signs that point to a likely eye disease in the offing.