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10 Autism Symptoms & Signs You Need to Know

Autism is a lifelong, inborn disability which affects various people in various ways. This condition would occur in infants, children, or adults alike. Even though toddlers could be diagnosed autistic, the signs are sometimes not so obvious and precise or they are not understood. In other words, many autistic people often go undiagnosed until adulthood or adolescence. To get the best treatments from your doctor, here are the top 10 autism symptoms and signs to look for in your kids.

Unusual Responses to an Unexpected Event

A simple way to find out autistic condition is to consider responses to an unexpected event. People with autism tend to rely on some familiar routines to have a secure and stable feeling. Scheduled changes in their routine, sudden changes in the plan, and unfamiliar events could be upsetting to them. If you are autistic, then you might have the following sign:

– Panic when everything doesn’t occur when they are supposed to

– Forget to do some important tasks such as taking medications or eating without the help of a schedule

– Feel angry, frightened, or annoyed about unexpected changes in the plans [1]