10 Basic Yoga Poses for Beginners

If you are a beginning student in yoga, then it is likely to feel overwhelmed by a large number of poses available and their related strange-sounding names. But do not worry because yoga practice should be a lifetime pursuit. Instead, you should relax and give yourself a lot of time to research and learn essential postures. Instead of taking on challenging exercises in the beginning, it is a better idea to keep everything simple. Here are the top 10 basic yoga poses for beginners.

1Child’s Pose or Balasana

Type of pose: Resting

The Balasana position is very important as it is the pose that you should assume when you need a rest in your class. If you ever feel overly tired or light-headed, you do not need to wait for your instructor to announce for a break. Instead, just change to the child’s pose and then join the class again when you are ready. It is up to you to take this pose, which introduces one of the best lessons in yoga: staying focused on the signs that your body is signaling and giving them respects over other external factors. [1]


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