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How to Lose Back Fat: Exercise and Diet Tips


Many women have back fat problems. Generally speaking, back fats are primarily stored in three areas:

  • Upper back fat

A bra bulge is an uneven surface formed when bra straps squeeze fatty deposits, and it is the most straightforward approach to judging if people have upper back fat. Fat appearing in the upper back area is closely associated with carbohydrate intolerance, insulin resistance, and high testosterone levels.

  • Mid-back fat

Mid-back fat is easy to tell, and the significant sign is a fat fold near the mid-waist area. Fat appearing in the mid-back area is related to a sedentary lifestyle.

  • Lower back fat

Lower back fat is normally referred to as love handles, which are excess fat on the waist sides. Similarly, a sedentary lifestyle contributes to the accumulation of lower back fat. [1]