10 Easy Knee Exercises

Knees are probably one of the most active joints on the body that people often complain about aches or pain. There are many causes of knee discomfort, such as osteoarthritis, aging, excessive impacts, or intense exercises. The good news is that you can alleviate these issues effectively by combining a balanced diet with proper training sessions. With the right methods, you can boost the overall strength and reduce the risks of injuries. Read on to learn 10 easy knee exercises to try in your next workout.


The kick-back exercise mainly targets your back of thigh or hamstrings. It is perfect for alleviating knee stiffness and strengthening muscle groups around your legs. Firstly, you need to stand up with a straight back. Liftoff your right foot from the floor, then bend your knee and bring your heel to the buttocks. Hold this position for a couple of seconds before lowering it down. Your posture should be straight and your knee should be aligned. Repeat this exercise from 10 to 25 times and do it several times during the day. [1]


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