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Exercise Addiction – Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors, Diagnosis and Treatment

Exercise Addiction and the Signs and Symptoms

In simple words, exercise addiction occurs when you are addicted to exercises. It may be characterized by an unhealthy obsession with workouts and physical activities. This would lead to certain mental issues, such as eating disorders and body image disorders. Exercise addiction would show some features similar to those of other addictions, such as secret behaviors, inability to resist the desire to do something, physically harmful behaviors, and obsession over certain behaviors. [1]

Some typical signs and symptoms of exercise addiction include:

– Being unable to continue with a reduced workout routine

– Spending too much time for exercise preparation and recovery

– Reducing time for other activities in life and spending more time on exercises

– Being unable to control the desires to work out

– Having withdrawal symptoms after a long period of time without doing exercises

– Feeling buzzed after working out [2]