ACL Injury(ACL Tear) – Symptoms and Causes

An ACL injury(ACL Tear) occurs when the anterior cruciate ligament or ACL is sprained or torn. It is most common in athletic events or sports that require sudden changes or stops in direction, landing and jumping. These include skiing, football, basketball, or soccer. Treatment options depend on the severity and some other factors. Below are several common symptoms and causes of ACL injuries that you should know.

15 ACL Injury Symptoms

Pop Sound

When an ACL injury occurs, you might notice a snapping or popping sound. Many people can be startled at how loud it would be. Many bystanders can even hear it during a soccer or football game. This symptom indicates that your ACL might be partially torn. Even when you do not hear the noise, there might be an unexpected shift in your joint. Make sure to visit your healthcare provider immediately to confirm the injury. Also, you should describe the precise noise to help your doctor diagnose more accurately. [1]


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