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12 Ways to Treat a Pulled Hamstring

A pulled hamstring is a common problem in sports and physical activities. It occurs when the muscle fibers of your hamstring are stretched too much. This leads to the tearing of these parts, which might cause pain or discomfort. Since hamstring muscles are responsible for bending the knees during running or jumping, people with this condition can have difficulty moving around. Depending on the severity, there are many treatment options. Below are the 12 common ways to treat a pulled hamstring.


After an injury or an accident that causes a pulled hamstring, it is important to let your feet rest. In some cases, especially when your upper thigh is involved, it can cause damage to your tendon. It can be less painful than normal muscle injuries but might take longer to recover. Therefore, you need to rest a lot to speed up healing. During the first few days or weeks, limit your waling time or other physical activities, especially leg exercises or running. If you feel pain when walking, it is advisable to minimize stride. [1]