Drinking Alcohol after a Workout – Is It Bad for You

After a sweaty training session, you may want to refresh or reward yourself with a glass of cold beer or wine. But is that a good idea? In this article, we will dive into some possible effects of alcohol on the body to see whether it may ruin your exercise efforts.

1Is It Bad To Drink Alcohol After Working Out?

The answer depends on your exercise goals. If you want to build muscles efficiently, then it is advisable to avoid alcohol after a workout. In general, the body treats alcoholic drinks as a toxin. Thus, other procedures are inhibited to prioritize the elimination of alcohol. This may inhibit protein production, increase cortisol levels in the body, and reduce testosterone levels. A combination of these effects may eventually slow the recovery after training. However, drinking once in a while after doing exercises is not a big deal as it will not have any effects in the long run. [1]


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