Doing Pull-Ups Everyday – All Pros & Cons

Pullups are one of the most effective and popular exercises to improve the strength of the biceps and upper back. Like other exercises, many people try to do pullups on a daily basis to maximize their improvement. Nevertheless, this is not always true as many other factors may affect your overall goals. This article will list down several pros and cons of this approach to help you make an informed decision.

1Pros of Doing Pullups Every Day

Improve Pullups Skills

Pullups are a type of exercise that requires several technical skills. By doing it every day, you can improve the movement and coordination efficiency, thus becoming better over time. Ultimately, cumulative fatigue during training will start affecting your ability to improve and recover, which would lead to diminishing returns. Nevertheless, you will still become better at this movement, especially during the early stages of training. [1]


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