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Terry’s Nails: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

What Are Terry’s Nails?

Terry’s nails are a form of leukonychia, which causes white discoloration in one or many nails. They can be part of natural aging or indicate the presence of an underlying disease. The condition tends to affect all nails of the fingers, but it can also appear on only one nail in either fingers or toes. In addition to the changes in the color and look of the nails, Terry’s nails do not cause any adverse symptoms that threaten overall health. [1]

History of Terry’s Nails?

The name of the condition comes from the name of an English physician called Richard Terry, who was the first doctor to report the symptoms that happened along with specific illnesses. In 1954, he found out that more than 80 percent of patients with cirrhosis or liver scarring had white nails. He believed that this coloration might be caused by the nail bed’s opacity. In his study, Richard Terry also gave a more detailed description of nail changes in hepatic cirrhosis. [2]