10 Home & Medical Ingrown Toenail Treatments

Putting on a shoe or a boot makes dressing complete and beautiful. Even as an athlete, you either look awkward or disqualified without you putting on a boot. But after that day’s job or the end of the game, your toe tends to experience some pains, redness, and swelling on either the edge or corner of the toe which grows into surrounding skin. This is known to be ingrown toenail. Although this is common to both men and women, it usually occurs to people with sweaty feet. This article will give different ways in which this ingrown toenail can be treated. This treatment is divided into home treatment and medical treatment.

Home treatment includes all the processes and strategies used in curing your ingrown toenail without visiting a hospital or seeing a doctor. This form of ingrown treatment requires fewer expenses because almost all the instruments needed for the treatment are already at home. And most times home treatment always provides temporary relief. These home treatments include:

1Application of an antibacterial ointment

Since this ingrown toenail occurs as a result of the bacteria and fungi feeding on the moisture area of the feet, it is of your benefit to apply an antibacterial ointment. This monument does not only keep the feet warm and most time get rid of this disease, but also it prevents the future occurrence of these diseases. This ointment should be applied with the guidance and the instructions of the doctor or pharmacist. At least, this ointment should be applied to the affected place three times a day in other to aid the fast treatment of the injury. This ointment has various forms which are Neosporin, Polysporin, and bactroden. [1]


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