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10 Key Signs of Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis(TB) is a highly infectious condition disease that mainly affects your lungs. It is a disease caused by bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which usually attacks the lungs, but can also damage your other body parts. Tuberculosis is most common in many developing countries and can be spread from people to people through the air. If left untreated, this disease might cause life-threatening conditions. View the following symptoms and signs of TB to learn more about it.

Unusual Coughing

Tuberculosis often infects your lungs and break down the tissue in this part. The natural response of the body is to get rid of the irritants by coughing. Unlike usual coughing, people with tuberculosis often cough constantly for more than three weeks. It might also be followed by such worrisome symptoms signs as bloody sputum. Make sure to consider the length of time that you have taken OTC flu or cold antibiotics or medications for respiratory infections without relief. Tuberculosis requires very specific antibacterial medications, and to start treatment requires the screening and verifying from your doctor. [1]