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How to Put on & Remove a Face Mask?

Types of Face Masks

In general, face masks can be divided into two main categories, which are often used for different purposes.

The first type is the disposable and loosely-fitting mask that can be used as medical tools. Nurses, dentists, doctors, and other medical employees usually wear them when they treat patients. They can help prevent large drops of bodily fluids containing viruses from the mouth and nose. In addition, facemasks are effective in protecting against sprays or splashes from other people when they cough or sneeze. Keep in mind that products in local drugstores are not good for filtering the virus. Instead, it is recommended to purchase those with fine mesh so that they can capture extremely tiny microorganisms.

Another option is the N95 respirator mask, also known as a respirator. They are more tight-fitting and specially used to protect you from both tiny and large airborne elements that might contain viral materials. Certified products should be able to filter up to 95 percent of the particles. That is why they are common in dealing with toxic substances and serious viral infections. Compared to regular face masks, this is a much better option. [2]