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The Diagnosis of Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is a body part with a wide range of motion. When some problems occur in this area, it would affect your ability to move around and cause a lot of discomfort and pain. Most people often injure their shoulders when playing sports, doing manual labor, or having repetitive movements. A few medical conditions can also be the cause, such as gallbladder diseases, heart diseases, or cervical spine problems. Below are a few common tests to help diagnose shoulder pain.

Labrum Tear Test

There are two parts to a labrum tear test:

– The apprehension test: Lye on the back on a table or a bench. Move the arm on the affected side so that it creates a right angle with the torso. Flex the elbow to a 90-degree angle. Next, a partner should rotate your arm slowly so it would move to the ear. If you are hesitant when the shoulder moves beyond the joint, perhaps you have a labrum tear.

– The relocation test: In this test, your doctor will press on the shoulder gently to find out whether this part is relocated. [1]