7 Home Remedies for Shoulder Pain


A shoulder stretch would be of a great remedy to your shoulder pain. Frequently, the pain is a result of an injury that occurred due to a lack of muscular strength and stability of the shoulder joint. A stretch that aims to strengthen the shoulder and surrounding muscles can help you achieve a more stable and improve shoulder joint which in turn, prevents further injury.

A stretch can be done by standing in an open doorway area, raising both arms to shoulder height band holding them out straight. Then you bend your elbows to a 90-degree angle and place each hand on the door frame edge for balance. Now you position one of your foot slightly in front of the other. Then lean your body forward as far as is comfortable and hold.

You could also do a lateral arm stretch by extending your arm out with your right-hand parallel to your waist. Then you gently hold your right arm at the elbow with your left hand and pull it across your chest and to the left, with your right arm gently place for up to 60 seconds; you repeat up to three times daily. [2]

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