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10 Dry Mouth Symptoms

Xerostomia, also known as dry mouth, is a condition that occurs when salivary glands in the mouth don’t generate sufficient enough saliva. This leads to a dry or parched sensation inside your mouth and causes some other signs, such as cracked lips, mouth sores, or rough tongue. Some common causes of this condition include stress, smoking, aging, or radiation therapy. In most cases, dry mouth is not a serious health issue. But if left unresolved, some symptoms would result in further complications. Below are 10 possible symptoms of a dry mouth to look out for.


Hoarseness is a common sign of dry mouth in many people. When your mouth and throat get dry, it might lead to hoarse sounds from your voice. The condition might be temporary or last for a few days, depending on the underlying causes. In most cases, you might experience it a few times during the day. Clearing and coughing the throat might be helpful in alleviating this sign. Also, drinking fluids would be an option to deal with the dryness, thus eliminating hoarseness. Even though this isn’t a serious issue, it would be very frustrating, particularly when speaking is an important part of your daily work. [1]