Should I Worry About Bumps on the Tongue

If you stick out the tongue and take a look in the mirror, you may notice the natural bumps that give the surface rough texture. They are called papillae. There are also bigger bumps around the tonsils, which are also known as circumvallate papillae. However, you might sometime have unusual bumps on the back. They can be caused by many reasons. Read on to know what you should do with them.

1Natural Tongue Bumps

Papillae are the natural, small bumps that provide the rough texture on the tongue surface. They can be divided into four main forms:

– Foliate papillae: located in front and on the sides of the tongue

– Circumvallate papillae: the largest form. They are located near the throat

– Fungiform papillae: the most common form with around 200 to 400 units. They can be found on the sides and tip of the tongue. Fungiform papillae are sensitive and able to distinguish between savory, bitter, sour, and sweet tastes

– Filiform papillae: mostly located at the back and center of the tongue

All of these forms contain taste buds, except filiform papillae. [1]


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