15 Home & Natural Remedies for Bad Breath

Bad breath is an unpleasant odor from the mouth or nose medically known as halitosis; in most cases, it originates from the mouth itself. Oral malodor (bad breath) can be long or short term depending on the cause, and some are due to gum disease, mouth infection, sinus infections, gastric reflux, cavities, and renal failure or diabetes complications. Most commonly the major cause of bad breath is poor dental hygiene which is due to the release of sulfur compounds by bacteria in the mouth. Other factors may include not brushing the teeth regularly, not flossing, dry mouth, tobacco intake and poor diet which can lead to accumulation of debris, plaque build-up in the teeth and bacteria in the mouth. [1]

You might not know if you have bad breath because the cell responsible for odor detection in your nose is used to the smell; the only way is the people react when you talk. So either having it or not there are remedies we have provided to prevent and treat bad breath no matter the cause.


What you eat can be one of the sole causes of that malodor, for instance, garlic, ginger, exotic spice, fish, acidic beverages and onions. It is necessary to avoid these and anything that has to do with these foods as they are absorbed into the bloodstream and then transferred to the lungs, Inducing noticeable smell when expelled from the mouth.

Fruits like pineapple and oranges, melon can be taken often. Pineapple either by drinking or taking two slices after eating has properties that treat bad breath, the orange also provides vitamin C, which helps in the production of more saliva, as a shortage of saliva causes bad breath. [2]


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