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Ocular Migraines – Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatments

A retinal or ocular migraine is a rare form of migraine. It is often characterized by some vision changes only in one eye. Early detection and treatment are important to prevent further complications and permanent loss. In most cases, migraine management often focuses on episode prevention with some lifestyle changes and medical treatments. Many people also mistake this condition for some other more serious issues such as detached retina or stroke. This guide will show you some basic information about ocular.

5 Causes of Ocular Migraines


Ocular migraines are associated with some genetic factors. A family history of this condition would increase the risk of having it. This means that if your father, mother, or sibling used to or is suffering from ocular migraines, it is likely that you would also experience the issue in the near future. Many scientists believe that the mechanism is quite similar to classic migraines. In this case, regular health checks are necessary to help you detect the condition soon and seek immediate medical treatments. [1]