German Measles Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

German measles, also known as rubella, is a contagious illness in childhood triggered by the rubella virus. It is a mild infection transmitted by direct contact with an infected person, contaminated articles, or airborne respiratory elements. The virus will enter the bloodstream and lead to a distinctive red rash. Unlike regular measles, German measles is milder, even though both conditions often share many similar signs. In this guide, you will learn more about some German measles symptoms, causes, and treatment options.

16 German Measles Symptoms

Lymph Nodes

A simple way to determine German measles is to check for the presence of enlarged or inflamed lymph nodes or glands. These parts are responsible for filtering lymph fluid and blood. They contain special white blood cells which can kill pathogens and viruses, thus becoming tender, inflamed, and enlarged regularly. You can check this sign behind the ears, above the collarbones, or along with the back and sides of the neck. With short-term or mild acute conditions, this symptom only lasts for a couple of days. Everyone, including babies, would have swollen glands before having the pink rash. [1]


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