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Chin Pimples – Causes, Treatment & Prevention

Causes of Pimples

Pimples are a common skin disease that forms when the pores are blocked by excessive sebum (oil) and dead skin cells.

People shed dead skin cells every day. Our epidermis constantly produces new skin cells to push up the dead skin cells to the surface for flaking off. However, these dead skin cells might get trapped in pores when there is an over-production of oil, thus causing clogged pores and pimples.

Pimples may appear in areas like your hairline, cheeks, chin, jawline, forehead, and nose. Pimples appearing in different locations indicate different causes. According to scientists, hormonal imbalance is often associated with pimples on the jawline or chin. A high level of androgens can stimulate the sebaceous gland to produce more oil, resulting in clogged pores. It is particularly true in women. In some circumstances, bacteria can also grow and build up in the clogged hair follicle, causing inflammation and redness. Depending on the inflammatory degree and bacteria types, your pimple might progress to a whitehead or cystic.

Treatments for Chin Acne

Treatments for chin acne are various, but the results vary from individual to individual. Some people may respond well to some therapies, while others may not. Consequently, finding a treatment right for you is essential. In most cases, people can get rid of their pimples without much effort. Mild acne is typically treated with non-prescription topical creams like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. These acne-fighting ingredients can help remove dead skin cells and reduce inflammation.