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Staph Infection Causes

Staph infection is a condition triggered by staphylococcus bacteria, a type of germs often found in your nose or skin. In most cases, these bacteria don’t cause any issues or only lead to relatively minor infections. However, staph infections would be life-threatening when the bacteria go deeper into the body and enter the bloodstream, heart, lungs, bones, or joints. In fact, more and more people are diagnosed with this infection due to the following causes.

Infected Wounds

Staph usually starts on the skin and might infect a skin wound. Indeed, a wound would be a great breeding ground for bacteria to grow. If left untreated, the condition might progress and go deeper into the bloodstream, thus leading to many serious conditions. That’s why it is important to sanitize and clean any injury on skincare as soon as possible to reduce the risk of infections. A skin condition named cellulitis can also suggest the presence of staph bacteria. It is often characterized by redness and swelling of the skin. [1]