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Angelman Syndrome – Symptoms and Causes

Angelman syndrome is a genetic condition that causes considerable intellectual and developmental disability, sleep problems, and movement issues. Kids with this disorder tend to have some distinctive symptoms and features. However, it can be hard to diagnose them once the children reach 6 to 12 months old. Since this is a rare condition, it is often misdiagnosed as cerebral palsy or autism. Those who are affected could live a normal lifespan, but they might need lifelong care. Below are some common symptoms and causes of Angelman syndrome that you should know.

Symptoms of Angelman Syndrome

Developmental Problems

People with Angelman syndrome often have an intellectual and developmental disability. These symptoms might not be clear until they reach several milestones, such as babbling or crawling. The impairment can become more obvious with age. The level of intensity can vary in different individuals and age ranges. In general, adults with this condition usually have low IQ levels, typically below 70 in cognitive ability, which includes the capabilities of reasoning and comprehension.

In more serious cases, an absence of words and speech can occur. Most people with this disorder often develop only 5 to 10 words in the vocabulary. However, they can be very receptive to other non-verbal types of communication. Other possible symptoms include impaired fine motor skills, short attention span, and poor memory retention. [1]