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Resistance Band Chest Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Resistance Band Push-Up

This exercise is basically a push-up, but more challenging due to the resistance band. It may improve the strength of your upper body by targeting the triceps and chest. Firstly, you need to wrap the band under the shoulders, around the back, and be prepared in a plank position. Next, lower the body until it is above the ground and push it back up. Ideally, you should feel tense at the top of this movement. Try to make 8 to 12 reps. [1]

Resistance Band Floor Press

Pressing on the floor in this exercise helps reduce stress on the shoulders and isolates the triceps and chest. The first step is to sit on the ground with feet flat and knees pointing up. Hold on to the end of the resistance band in each hand and put it across the back, right under the shoulders. Next, lie down on the back and push up until both arms are straight. Make sure that both of your palms should face up. Lastly, slowly return the arms to the ground. Try to do 10 to 12 reps. To reduce the risk of injuries, you should keep your wrists straight during this exercise. You can lie on a foam roller or bench to add more challenges. [2]